The Press

  1. Greenhouse

  2. Length 30 mn (3 times/day)

  3. For audiences from 7 years of age

  4. Silent performance, no text

Written and performed by

Jean-Paul Lefeuvre & Didier André


Par les Chemins Productions



La Serre

An intimate and beastly tiny circus set in a greenhouse.

Two frantic acrobats line up miniature madnesses.

They welcome us into their greenhouse. A carpet of artificial lawn serves as their playing field. Around a hundred spectators are clus- tered here and there. Didier André and Jean-Paul Lefeuvre are the duty gardeners. At each corner of their daft flower bed they’ve planted a bunch of bashful lovers, red carnations and mini sunflowers.

One is snoozing in his hammock. The other, black trunks and firm flesh, moves heaven and earth to try and rouse his accomplice from his torpor. And here he is, as a prelude, leading a proletarian wheelbarrow in a waltz, while a cas- sette player bleats out a cloying oldie. There’s honey in the sweat.

Everything’s there: in this fairground prowess and this vague hint of melancholy. So La Serre is an intimate circus. Barely thirty minutes of thrills, but which win out largely over all sorts of other sequinned fantasias from show-off circus rings.

Ten years ago these two were part of Cirque O, a show as mani- festo which chased the animals out of the ring and injected venom into the veins of acrobats, tortured or torturers. It was a circus of cruelty and daring. Insane stories that rang a bell in all of us.

Today the pair prefers miniature bursts of folly. For example, we see an athlete-gentleman, his hands stuck to the ground, feet pointing sky- ward, stretching his legs and mooing like a cow. It’s bestial and childlike. The soul of the circus summed up with sound.

Alexandre Demidoff, Le Temps (CH)


But the thirty minutes are already over. They are funny and absurd, original and sometimes astounding [...] La Serre is a cocktail biscuit which leaves a “come back again” taste in the mouth.

Tages Anzeiger (CH)

The Ant and the Cricket reunited. Their couple gives rise to juggling and acrobatic numbers which often keel over into the absurd. Poetic and funny circus. A must.

Le Journal dans la Rue

Faithful and funny, The Greenhouse is way above the usual offerings of the summer festival.

Volkskrant (NL)

Two oddballs who manage to make you fall over laughing with a sim- ply acrobatic right eyebrow [...] Utterly bonkers!

Le Midi Libre

The audience so often drawn into fits of laughter, in the end the show leaves us overwhelmed with affection. A poem of daily acrobattiness out of which we come cheerful and dreamy.

La Montagne

A genuine marathon of pointless performance. The good taste of the ridiculous, that’s what’s grown in The Greenhouse.

Vers l’Avenir (B)


 High definition photographs {PRO}