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bricolage érotique

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"Bricolage" (Handiwork): Something that one has made or done

"Erotique" (Erotic): Relating to physical or sexual love


Beware! Even in company, this is a show to be watched alone which takes root gently in everyone’s secret garden.


With almost a century between the two of them and still active in the Greenhouse and the Garden, they finally explore life, their bodies, and sensuality. Abundance of pleasures.

Nothing they don’t know about frightens them. And so, in all innocence and armed with their circus, they set out to deflower this wonderful limitless world. With ingenuity, they build their lust.

In their hands: string, curtains, planks and balloons raise dreams of curves, of lines and other fleshy games. These runners-up of illusions imagine woman and evoke her by the details they divine.

Modesty is still far off, unsuspected, useless.

One is plump, nonchalant, harmless voyeur, hardly nasty. The other is lean, forever restless, seeing in images nothing clumsy or obscene, for whoever who would get the wrong idea.

Neither vulgar nor perverted, these two men play with contrasts. Derision, poetry and the absurd are maybe their strongest assets in seduction.


Don’t think badly of what you think you see, you may already be wrong!

Le Courrier (CH)

Lustful undressing, lush lace, libertine winks, make way:

here, when the strip tease is finished, the body is gone as well. And in their eyes we glimpse rather modesty and love, at times even a vague shame and delicate, offended sensuality.

L’Est Républicain (FR)

The humor is uproarious, often absurd, sometimes hilarious, never base.

Ouest France (FR)

The strip tease reveals only invisible bodies and when finally these do show themselves near-naked onstage, it is with great modesty, even shame. Objects appear in a sexual light, a toilet plunger, lit-up chairs, tangled latex, but all with a delicacy that reminds one of  the purest graphic design.

In a silent mime, the duo speaks of what takes place below the belt ; and still, nothing is vulgar, nothing shocks. The strings these artists pull only end up creating lace and the eroticism they suggest

do not offend, instead they lend a smile.

24 Heures (CH)

In contrast to the omnipresent eroticism in publicity, the fashion world or even culture, two circus men have decided to up-end things in a surprising way. Alone on stage, the two mute companions build a minimalist sideshow, complete with meager big top (a red curtain attached to a wire structure), and a few props (a big balloon, plungers, string and chairs), with which they explore a seemingly endless (and malicious) erotic potential. Bricolage Erotique (“Erotic Carpentry”) endangers the body, showing it in its most extreme vulnerability and its most pitiful banality. (...) The show is not without its own singular beauty, fragile poetry or audacious allusion. A good example is the performance by two plain wooden chairs, doing their best to enumerate the Kamasutra.

A show to be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s one head.

La Tribune (CH)

Far from the worn out clichés of the languid pin-up posters, Jean-Paul Lefeuvre and Didier André create, out of the basic embarrassment of the body, a modest and moving choreography (...)

with these two, the flesh is finally, simply, a delight!



Written and Performed by

Didier ANDRÉ & Jean-Paul LEFEUVRE

Coproduction Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf (Centre des Arts du Cirque de Haute-Normandie), Centre Culturel de L'Agora de Boulazac. WIth the support of Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Théâtre d'Auxerre and CCPO d'Oloron-Sainte-Marie. With the support of Ministère de la Culture and DRAC Bourgogne

This show is no more available on tour

Bricolage Érotique

that was

85 shows


36 different locations


2007 and 2014

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