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chez moi circus

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The marvellous magic of illusion

Karl Harb
Salzburger Nachrichten (A)

A lonely daydreamer moves back in time to revisit the great juggler he once was. His partner left him after their failed juggling duo, and ever since, he has watched the video of the old act, over and over again, on an aging television set. Out of his memories arise, unexpectedly, a series of small moments, of magic and illusion. No need for effects, to impress.

Didier André has a look that transforms his solitude into profound sadness, but his face can also be abruptly filled with wonderment. And here he is with his hand in his pocket, he’s pulling something out, a small ball, and another, and a third one. He’s juggling, playing: so quietly and privately that we are almost embarrassed to be watching him so closely, in the tiny space: “the caravan stage”. His partner will never come back.

But we are here! ! Maybe it’s a slight consolation.

Their circus is bursting with minimalistic illusion. A small, a great, a light, a deep, an intimate show - marvellous!

Bezirksblätter Salzburg (A)

When André acts the part of himself (onstage) watching himself (on television),

you will laugh yourself to death.

Salzburger Nachrichten (NL)


No need for complicated equipment to blow our minds.


Ouest France (FR)

A series of moments so artfully deadpan that you’ll die laughing.

Farnham Herald (GB)

Didier André has surpassed the audience’s expectations

with his impressive “magic” tricks and spiritual delicacies.

King Pole (GB)

Mister André has the look of a beaten dog about him,

the obligatory expression for a middle aged french man, which he uses to perfection.


Chez Moi Circus

Written and performed by

Didier ANDRÉ

with the complicity of


A project initiated by l’Yonne en Scène, with the support of Conseil Départemental de L’Yonne

  • First performed in 2011

  • Indoor show

  • Length 50 mn (no interval)

  • For all audiences


Silent show

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