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entre serre & jardin

Entre Serre et Jardin_2_Photo Augustin L
A little plot of earth where everything grows on smiles

These two have nothing in common.


Their looks, their personalities and their objectives are worlds apart.

Organised liveliness against the intelligence of idleness. And yet they move between competition and complicity. That’s their world.


In '"La Serre" (the Greenhouse) the audience is invited to join them inside a greenhouse in a setting of synthetic grass. Intimate encounter. For "Le jardin" (The Garden) they take the spectator to the theatre and unveil the Greenhouse on stage. Transhumance.


"Entre Serre & Jardin" (Between Greenhouse and Garden) plays in open air and on open grass. Return to earth. Our two protagonists are at home everywhere, under the sun, in the rain, down to earth.

Objects are turned on their heads, therein lies their poetry, and also their Circus. Perfect growing condition for the absurd au naturel, wild derision and whole bunches of the useless.


The heavy crushes the grass which the wiry one straightens. Slow makes flow the water that Quick sweats to pump.


It’s a little plot of earth where everything grows on smiles.

Their only respite is when they reap their harvest ; a happy audience. 



Entre Serre & Jardin is a Lavoisier manual,

brought to life by a circus duo who cultivate their bit of grass with humor and virtuosity.

Ouest France (FR)


In a world of agriculture, they transform the commonest of objects into sophisticated playthings,

and all without a word. Their expressive, subtle acting draws us in.


Entre Serre

& Jardin

Written and performed by

Didier ANDRÉ &
  • First produced in 2010

  • Outdoor show

  • Length 60 mn (no interval)

  • In daylight only

  • For all audiences

Easy access for wheelchairs


Silent show

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