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ni omnibus

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The marvellous magic of illusion
Karl Harb
Salzburger Nachrichten (A)

In Ni Omnibus, Jean-Paul Lefeuvre dives into his own minuscule world, which he proceeds to conquer laboriously and conscientiously.

His stage/box is not nearly big enough for those long limbs, but that won’t stop him, and wild contortions will help him to find his way: there’s a long bar, a small straight ladder on which he will swing with all the light grace of reptile. A challenge to gravity and to the laws of physics.

A clever stacking of wooden crates will allow him to build wings, which will, in the end surround his upper body completely. Jean Paul Lefeuvre steps across a slack rope as is he were wandering across the road, and stretches out on this same slack rope as if he had found the most comfortable of hammocks.

Didier André and Jean-Paul Lefeuvre make their way with talent, lightness and shifting fluidity, from front to back, onscreen and off, so well in fact that at times we aren’t quite sure: who is in front of the screen and who is behind?

Their circus is bursting with minimalistic illusion. A small, a great, a light, a deep, an intimate show - marvellous!


Bezirksblätter (A)


What this fifty year old body has to show for itself, on a rope

or the length of a horizontal bar, is particularly impressive.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (CH)

Lefeuvre teases the limits of space with variations that are ever-more skilled.

Farnham Herald (GB)

Lefeuvre has confirmed the exceptional quality of both his technique and imagination,

captivating the crowd with his agile manipulation of a pile of wooden crates.

Salzburger Nachrichten (NL)


Jean-Paul Lefeuvre uses both everything and nothing to reach his goals

in a series of incredible and relevant acrobatics.

Ouest France (FR)

Jean-Paul Lefeuvre is a master of bold contortion, who enjoys defying the laws of physics...

King Pole (GB)

Lefeuvre got the audience to its feet with his clever act, featuring a simple broom.


Ni Omnibus

Written and performed by


with the complicity of

Didier ANDRÉ and Hyacinthe REICH

A project initiated by l’Yonne en Scène, with the support of Conseil Départemental de L’Yonne

  • First produced in 2010

  • Indoor show

  • Length 50 mn (no interval)

  • For all audiences


Silent show

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